"They’ll forget your name soon/ And won’t nobody be to blame but yourself," Azealia Banks sings on 2011’s viral hit “212”. In a song packed with visceral taunts and low blows, this line felt like a throwaway, but it turned out to be prophetic—even Banks said it was directed at herself and not, as everyone had assumed, Nicki Minaj. But so what if “212” becomes the only Azealia Banks song we ever remember? It sounds as fresh and audacious now as it did three years ago. Over Lazy Jay’s “Float My Boat”, Banks swings slings and arrows, knots of slang delivered by multiple characters. And while “cunt” will still shock listeners in three, six, or nine years, it’s Banks’ assonant, monosyllabic lyrics that give “212” delicious staying-power. “You’re playing with your butter like your boo won’t true/ Cock the gun, too” doesn’t sound “of the moment”—it sounds like any moment from 2011 on. If the quick wordplay and multiple voices feel like Nicki to you, remember that the year’s only other runaway hit by a female rapper was Minaj’s “Super Bass”, which was awfully soft compared to Banks’ promise to ruin cunts everywhere. She hasn’t given rappers much to worry about since “212” (except seeing her name in their Twitter mentions), but if this masterpiece of shit-talk encouraged at least one rapper to work less Pink and more blue, then that’s worth remembering

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so proud of joan :’)





i hope miuccia plays becky g - shower @ prada spring 2015! 


I know you know well
I’m with that get rich

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