I don’t know how more people haven´t got mental health problems?

Thinking is one of those stressful things I’ve ever come across and not being able to articulate what I want to say drives me crazy

I think I should try and read more books and learn some new words

My sister used to read the dictionary I’m going to start with that

I’d like to travel I want to see India and the pyramids

A whale and that race with all the bicycles in France

I’m not sure about rivers, they scare me

But I love swimming, I’m good at it and when I swim I think about numbers and count the laps and this helps me relax

When I was younger I saw a house burnt down And I walked past it everyday for the next six years derelict, black, chalky and dangerous I wondered if squatters lived there

I’m still not sure but I know there were never any parties cuz it was a shit hole

After a while the council got round to tidying out the town they said it was an eyesore so they let tore it down

Behind the house was a wall with a few bits of crappy graffiti and the word “Cunt” written in giant letters and now I walk past that

I like going to the park
And I like walking through it
I like taking my dogs there
And friends, and I like being alone
I like being able to shout
But I wish I could be quiet
When I’m quiet people just think I’m sad
And usually I am

Sometimes when I’m at a really noisy train station
One of the ones with big fat trains like King´s Cross
I feel like putting down my bags and shouting things out because I’ve got something to say

Don’t you want to share the guilt?

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"Dangerous Days" recasts an archetypical Zola Jesus song as an electro-pop banger of gothic grandeur. Danilova has suggested the title of her upcoming LP Taiga let her spiritually commune with her Russian heritage—in going home, she’s gone big.

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is that FOX correspondent elisabeth hasselbeck

i think it is!